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Looking for some delegates.
Feb 22, 10 12:21 AM
AvA schedule posted.
Feb 8, 10 12:39 AM
Crack Strikeforce
Feb 7, 10 11:18 AM
Holy $h!T!!!
Feb 4, 10 12:05 AM
AvA Tomorrow!!!
Feb 2, 10 11:34 PM
Service Updates
Welcome to Dominus!

Looking for some delegates.

Synder4786, Feb 22, 10 12:21 AM.
Hey guys,

As we've been growing, getting more and more into AvA, getting more members, getting into an alliance, etc. Things have become rather hectic around here, and I'm looking for a few trustworthy, reliable folks to pick up the reigns of a few positions that need someone dedicated to them in a more full-time capacity than they have currently... Some ideas are...

  • Recruiter(FILLED Liberty) -- Responsible for getting new members in, keeping track of them, and checking applications, etc.
  • Accountant(FILLED NoxAngst) -- Responsible for making sure all allied agencies have paid their dues, making sure we continue to be 'in the black', monitoring hex resource gathering.
  • Strikeforce Leader(FILLED Forsosh) -- Responsible for forming a strikeforce, making bids, and communicating with command for targets.
  • Diplomat -- Responsible for making contacts with other agencies and alliances.
  • Quartermaster x2 (FILLED Lifestream, 1 opening left) -- Responsible for leading PvE teams and donating materials to agency bank to supply our troops with fresh, quality gear.
  • Gunsmith/Armorsmith(FILLED Mafiaz) -- Responsible for crafting armor and weapons for the agency, distribution of the sets, and tracking DKP.
If any of you are interested in applying for any one or more of these positions, please let me know.

AvA schedule posted.

Synder4786, Feb 8, 10 12:39 AM.
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Hey everyone, the AvA schedule is posted on the events area >>>>
Everyone that wants to go, needs to sign up in some form or another.
DKP will be rewarded to those that attend.
DKP will be taken from those that sign up and do not, or are late, or leave early.
If you sign up for an AvA, but cannot make it, you should withdraw your signup ASAP, 10 DKP will be taken away if this is not done at least an hour before the event.

+10 for signing up and being there on time.
+5 for attending, without signing up, but staying the whole time.
-10 for signing up and not being there.
-7 for being late.
-7 for leaving early.

We will use the DKP system to track the reliability of our players, we give out sets of gear for AvA along those lines, as well. For now, we will reward suits of gear to those who have DKP in good standing, we may devise a system at a later time to purchase suits using specific amounts of DKP.

For now, we are scheduling in 'off days' for AvA. Days that we won't punish or reward players for participating, but we may AvA all the same. Attendance on these days is optional. These days will fall on Tuesday and Thursday of every week. This gives us all every 'other' day off during the week if we need it.

Any questions or comments about the new schedule, please comment on this news article up there ^.


Crack Strikeforce

Synder4786, Feb 7, 10 11:18 AM.
Very nice, gentlemen. The strikeforce last night both took, and held, a hex for the ENTIRE time the zone was active. ~5 successful defenses, one after the other. Got a ton of blueprints out of the deal. Way to go, guys!

Holy $h!T!!!

Synder4786, Feb 4, 10 12:05 AM.
We pulled a rabbit out of our asses literally within minutes of zone close and manged to secure and successfully defend a hex!!! Admittedly, lady luck smiled on us there at the end, but we did what we needed to do with it. Get some rest tonight guys, digest all the information we've gleaned this evening, and let's try and keep what we've earned tomorrow. If you're on early, form some teams and run those PvP missions, get some levels on you, and some credits for the war effort.

AvA Tomorrow!!!

Synder4786, Feb 2, 10 11:34 PM.
It's my pleasure to announce that Dominus will be making our debut on the conquest map tomorrow!!!

We have polled the members, and we have decided to try and hit Citadel zone, as this zone seems to better coencide with the time that most of our members will be able to participate.

Citadel zone active hours are:
6-8:30 PST
9-11:30 EST

The purpose of this excursion will not necessarily be to take and hold a hex; but to give our members a taste of AvA, to have fun, and to get a better understanding of each of our class' roles in AvA. I won't be disappointed or anything if we manage to grab a hex, though, ;).

For this particular event, we'll be taking non-agents as well as agents to fill the ranks. If we still need a couple spots filled, we can pick up some players in dome city, as it's not necessary for our strike force to be allied.

So, if you can make it during the afforementioned hours, I'll get us some AvA, hell or high water!

Cya tomorrow,
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